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In 1998, after extensive research and study, Rebeka underwent a rigorous training program in the area of laser technology for the permanent removal of unwanted facial and body hair. As the only hair removal specialist to earn the prestigious Certified Medical Electrologist rating from the Society for the Medical and Clinical Electrologists, Rebeka invested in the finest laser hair removal equipment available for both Cedar Rapids and Iowa City locations before introducing this new method of hair removal to Eastern Iowans. Since its introduction, we've served over 7000 patients with numerous procedures and have been gratified with stellar success. The primary benefit is that laser hair removal is much faster, thus more convenient and comfortable than traditional Electrolysis.

How does laser hair removal work? Our process concentrates a specific wavelength of light on the desired area. As the heat from this light is absorbed by the hair shaft, the hair follicles are directly disabled without affecting the tissue around them. We are the first in Iowa to offer the FDA approved state-of-the-art EpiTouch Alexandrite Silklasers by Luminus. With a treatment time of mere minutes, this is the most effective and convenient hair removal process to date.

Will my laser hair removal be permanent? Long term studies are not yet available for this relatively new technology. Published clinical results indicate that treatments with this type of laser used at Clinic of Electrology & Laser reduce hair growth by 90%, depending on body location and hair type. The multi-center study was based on an average of three treatments to a variety of body sites over a nine month period, which were then evaluated six to nine months later. Observations in our practice and in the clinical research study we are conducting indicate that one laser treatment is equivalent to several months of weekly Electrolysis sessions. Because hair grows in cycles, most clients require a series of treatments. Some women who come infor facial hair removal may come back in 3-5 years. We can treat what you have but cannot stop what is causing your hair to grow. The underlying problem could be hormonal or hereditary.

Will my treatment be painful? The sensitivity varies from person to person, and is usually described as a slight heat sensation. For those areas that are more sensitive, we use a topical anesthetic cream to prevent slight discomfort.

What body areas can be treated? Nearly any area of the body can be treated on both men and women. The best candidates have dark hair and light skin. Now we can treat dark skin with laser. Usually those with white hair or extremely dark skin are better candidates for electrolysis. This will be easily determined at the time of your first consultation.

How long will it take? This is the beauty of laser hair removal -- an upper lip is treated in mere minutes, and even areas as large as a back or legs take about an hour. Laser treatments are extremely fast.

How much will it cost? In our desire to make laser hair removal affordable for everyone who would benefit by it, we have tailored our fees to be 50% to 30% less than similar clinics throughout the U.S. Costs vary according to the area to be treated. As an example, and upper lip is about $69, a chin is $50, and a bikini area is $180 to $200. For some, two to three laser treatments are adequate to clear the treatment area, with follow-up treatments using the more economical Electrolysis method. This is used for white or dark. Fees for larger areas such as legs, backs, shoulders, arms and underarms are best given at the time of consultation. Until laser treatments were introduced, these larger areas were cost and time prohibitive, but are now significantly more affordable.

How can I start? Scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation at Clinic of Electrology & Laser is the best way to determine if laser hair removal is your best option for permanent hair removal. Rebeka, Medical Laserologist, will evaluate the area to be treated, your type of hair growth, skin sensitivity, previous hair removal methods and underlying causes (these could be hereditary, hormonal, or resulting from medication) at the time of your consultation. At the Clinic of Electrology & Laser, you will be cared for by experts who are clinically proficient in the causes of hair growth and the most effective means of hair removal. Call today to schedule your consultation.

"I absolutely hate to shave -- I hate having all of that hairiness. It takes up so much time, and then look! The next day all of that hair has grown back again. It drives me crazy! Finally it's over!"
—April, Iowa City

"I am very, very pleased. I haven't had any hair growth so far. The laser treatments are so fast and easy -- I'm definitely going to have more work done."
—Laura, Cedar Rapids


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