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Welcome to effective, safe hair removal in a reassuring environment where your unique personal concerns over excessive or inconvenient facial and body hair are completely understood by our warm and caring staff.

Clinic of Electrology's Cedar Rapids office was established by Rebeka Berstler in 1983, in response to her experience with unwanted hair and the life-changing freedom and confidence gained after its removal. As Electrology gained a higher profile through physician referrals and media coverage, demand for Clinic of Electrology's service grew to the point that a second clinic in Iowa City was opened in 1987.

Rebeka Berstler

Rapid technological advances in hair removal have been an exciting hallmark in bringing the best possible service to our clients -- if a new technology proves to be the best, we obtain it without compromise. An illustration of this commitment was the addition of laser hair removal in 1998 after extensive research, training and certification, 3rd in the country to bring laser to eastern Iowa. The over 7000 results experienced by our laser clients have been phenomenal, and have made the treatment of larger areas such as legs, backs and underarms fast and affordable.

Additionally, we advance our practice and profession through a lifestyle of continuing education and certification, both as student and educator within professional associations. Rebeka Berstler's credentials and memberships include:

  • Only Certified Medical Electrologist in Iowa
  • Society of Medical Electrologists
  • Licensed and registered Electrologist, State of Iowa
  • Guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control are met and exceeded, including disposable surgical gloves and probes.

Bothersome, embarrassing hair is a problem that affects 90% of all men and women to some degree. Heredity is the key culprit, as well as medications and normal hormonal changes that occur throughout life's physical stages. Stress also contributes. Any situation that sets off the adrenal glands can trigger a hormonal reaction that permanently causes fine, soft body hair to grow in as coarse, noticeable dark hair.

In response, Clinic of Electrology & Laser is raising the standard for permanent hair removal and client care, and is established as the leading practitioner of Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis in Eastern Iowa, drawing clients from over 100 communities. Our commitment to applied technological excellence is motivated by our desire to see clients' self-confidence soar as embarrassing hair is permanently removed.

Call us today for a packet containing additional information on laser hair removal and Electrolosis treatment, or schedule a consultation. You'll be cared for by experts who are clinically proficient in the causes of hair growth and the most effective means of hair removal.

"I can't believe the job Rebeka did. I don't have to shave the hair under my arms. It's much finer, even with my treatments not finished."
—Nancy, Iowa City

I've always been troubled with excessive facial hair. I was completely sold on electrolysis when I had my side-burn areas done by Rebeka previously. Now I'm totally surprised at my results with the laser treatments -- my face is perfectly smooth and hair-free."
—Carol, Cedar Rapids

"I understand that unwanted hair and the underlying factors that cause it create personal embarrassment -- I've been there myself. My greatest satisfaction comes from helping each individual who comes through our door. You'll find our clinic to be private, friendly, and thoroughly professional."
—Rebeka Berstler, Clinic of Electrology


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