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We no longer offer microderm services since it causes hair growth by stimulating vellus hairs to grow.


Laser Therapy for Hair and Skin

What is laser hair therapy?


The LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy) Therapy Unit is the most innovative laser system available in today's market for hair therapy offering sleek and brilliant design coupled with the latest technology.


What does laser hair therapy do?

The LLLT Therapy Unit was designed to create a cleaner and healthier environment for the hair and scalp using light energy.

Light energy, when delivered at a low power frequency at different wavelengths, has a bio-stimulating effect on the body. Red light, visible to the human eye, is delivered at 660 nanometers and provides topical heat and massages the scalp allowing the pores to open. Infrared light, invisible to the human eye, is delivered at 940 nanometers and transmits deeper beyond the scalp reaching the cell structure below.

 Laser Hair Therapy

The infrared light increases cellular metabolism, blood circulation and the supply of oxygen. The synergistic effect created by the two forms of light allows for an effective producer application and gives the hair its best chance for a healthy growth cycle.

Other effects of light at a lower frequency are: a rapid reduction of inflammatory edema along with a drastic reduction of pain. The infrared light operates at the peripheral nerve fiber level, activating the process of myelimization, optimizing the synaptic function. Infrared light also promotes the process of cicanization or healing.

At the joint levels, range of motion (ROM), muscle strength and muscle resistance are all quickly recovered along with the normalization of the neuromuscular function. The infrared light has a contemporaneous resolution of traumatic wounds and surgery during rehabilitation.

The product has obtained the necessary approval from European control groups satisfying BBC directives governing electromagnetic and safety compatibility. This product is in compliance with and has met all requirements, for a laser product, set out by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration pursuant to 21 C.F.R. § 1040.

Laser Hair Therapy Results:


Here are more examples of our results!

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Skin Care Laser Therapy

Low Level Light
Skin Care Therapy


State-of-the-art technology in skin treatment


Effective - High-tech
Skin Treatment



Treat yourself to the luxury of an exclusive, high-tech facial treatment, specially formulated for Low Level Light skin therapy.

Use Low Level Light skin therapy as an alternative to a face-lift.

This new formula tones up the skin and makes it appear younger and smoother.

Use it today and notice the effects tomorrow.

Acts quickly and effectively. the results can be seen after the first few applications.

The infrared penetrates deeply into the skin. The heated skin dilates the capillary vases and stimulates the circulation. Blood brings with it the necessary substances to nourish the human fabrics more quickly. The pores of the skin, as a result, are more open. The treatment works like a massage, and the use of infrared light allows for:


  • Elasticity of the skin
  • Cutaneous blood flow
  • Greater cutaneous oxygenation
  • Increase of the blood flow
  • Increase of cellular metabolism
Laser Hair Therapy

Diagnostic Scope

The Diagnostic Scope is the professional, more advanced system of enlargement for observation of the skin. This system magnifies the surface of the skin up to 200x. This degree of enlargement shows details that are invisible to the naked eye. This system will automatically diagnose the skin problem, recommend treatment, and monitor the client's laser treatment progress.


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